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Mormon Mocha

Mormon Mocha

"Mormon Mocha" is a high quality print: 18 x 16.75 in. with a 2 inch border. It is based on the 2005 oil painting which was part of my "2005 Food Pyramid" created at my Sundance and University of Utah studios. It is a limited edition of 100.

The story of Mormon Mocha

In the early days of the Sundance Summer Theater and through the 1980’s a beverage called Mormon Mocha was sold at the snack bar before each performance and during intermission. It was hot chocolate with a twist – added mocha flavor. Since the 19th century Mormons have generally abstained from drinking hot caffeinated beverages. Mormon Mocha is an example of how adaptation can not only provide a delicious substitute but also create a new food tradition. The original recipe for this once-popular Sundance beverage was obtained by the Christensen family and has continued to be perfected and enjoyed by them and many of their friends ever since.

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