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In 2009 Camilla Elphick acquired my painting "The Three Graces" from a show I had at London's gallery Eleven. She subsequently became a brilliant shoe designer and proposed a collaboration for her debut collection in 2014, using images from my paintings. With images printed on silk and leather, the shoes were fabricated to the highest standard in Italy. Below, Camilla is pictured with that debut collection and the top section of the diptych "The Three Graces." 

More recently, we have collaborated on projects with the themes of "Luck," "Country Cats," "Jungle Cats," etc. 

Under the theme of "Luck," we created a "Royal Flush" shoe by adapting imagery from a Victorian deck of cards. The image is printed on leather and wraps around the heel, with the upper edge of the cards cut and stitched to the lining. 

More "lucky" shoes...

In Europe, black cats are lucky. 

I designed images for two more cat shoes: "Country Cats" and "Jungle Cats" 

The model for "Jungle Cats" was this beautiful Abyssinian, Eve, who belongs to my friend Linda. 


To visit Camilla Elphick's website, click on the 'Debut Collection' image at the top of this page, and to find shoes from previous seasons on sites like 'wheretoget.it' and 'lyst.com' simply google the name of the collection, such as:  "Camilla Elphick Raining Cats and Dogs" 

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